Cage or Barrier to Deter Theft

Does anyone know of anything that can be put around a Ring Doorbell, that doesn’t block the view, that will stop someone from stealing it? I’ve had two stolen from me and would like to replace it again but don’t want it stolen again. It needs to at least make it difficult to get to. Thanks.


You can put a cage up, but I would assume it will interfere with the overall view. I guess your thieves don’t realise the stolen units are of no use if you have reported them to Ring.

I would look for something that wouldn’t block the camera or the doorbell. Locking up the Ring and not getting the security it affords, would not make much sense. I’m just tired of having them stolen. The locking device would have to make the Ring accessible to recharge but not removable without unlocking it.

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It’s sad that we need to have this discussion. I live about 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Many of my neighbors don’t lock their house. We live in a Township of 40,000 people, we do not have a Township police department.

You are right it’s sad. I’ve lived in this neighborhood all my life, I inherited the house from my parents. With the old neighbors dying off and the neighbors families selling the houses, we are getting a lot of different neighbors. Most of the houses are being bought by out of town landlords who don’t give a care about the type of tenants they rent to. Some are good but many have nothing invested in the neighborhood and obviously don’t care about it. These are the people that have made the biggest difference in the neighborhood. People who didn’t worry about locks or property are now keeping everything under watch or lock and key. We never had theft’s in the neighborhood before and we have also had a shooting (outsiders involved with drugs). That’s why I feel the need for the Ring. But having to worry about it getting stolen irks me. I wish everyone cared and looked out for everyone, like they did in the past but those days are gone, especially in my neighborhood.


It’s changing here also. Drugs are causing kids from good families to turn to crime and many are dying from overdose.

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The only adequate protective cover I have found so far …