Bypassing my hardwired digital chime?

Just installed my Ring Video Doorbell 2020 a couple weeks ago. I have a fancy digital chime (15+ years old) that has different chime options, etc… I understood that wouldn’t work with this Ring, and I was OK with that because I have Echos all around the house.

However, I’m having a weird issue where intermittently the digital chime will just go off like someone pressed my old doorbell! At first it seemed to be only after I opened and then exited the Ring app, which seemed odd, but last night it started going off for no reason at around 1am.

I’m thinking I should just remove the digital chime from my system by bypassing it. I haven’t even looked at the wiring. Is it as simple as twisting 2 pairs of wires together behind the chime? 1 pair in and another out?

Any suggestions?


For the Video Doorbell (2020 release), you can indeed simply connect the wiring from a transformer providing sufficient power. Click the link above and visit the “Tech Specs” section for specifications on power. The article below supports that you will not need to install a resistor for this model. :slight_smile: