Bypassing chime that has 4 wires

I just bought a Ring Pro, didn’t realize it isn’t compatible with with my digital chime so I need to bypass my chime. Problem is there are two wires running from my chime to my doorbell (red and white) and two wires running from my chime to the transformer (red and white). So far I’ve only found an article about bypassing when there’s one wire running from the chime to each. Anybody else have this issue or a wiring setup like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Ackert. You can find steps on how to bypass your internal chime kit using the Pro Power Kit in our Help Center Article here. If you have any specific questions about your transformer or chime kit, it may be best to consult an electrician to help determine which wire is which and where everything is located. :slight_smile:

Need help. Bought a Ring Pro, turns out my chime isn’t compatible with it so I want to bypass my chime using the power kit V2. Unfortunately Rings article on how to bypass the chime is no help for my set up. I’ve attached a picture of my wires in my chime. There’s a red and white wire coming from the transformer that connects into the chime, and then there’s a red and white wire that runs from the chime to the doorbell. Anyone know how to use the power kit with this setup?