Bypassing and Throwing Away Mechanical Doorbell

I see some videos showing how to bypass the old mechanical doorbell and leaving it on the wall.

My doorbell is about 35 years old and may have been white at some point, but now it’s just ugly.

I just ordered a Ring Chime Pro. Can I simply twist the wires in a wire-nut, push it back into the wall and forget about it?

Comments appreciated?

I assume since you tagged hardwired-video-doorbell that you have installed one or more of these and now you just have an ugly wall mounted doorbell block on the wall. If you no longer want to have that and use the Ring Chime Pro that will be socket power mounted (it needs power that is separate from the transformer stuff you did before) then you can
a) source the wires in your wall to where the transformer is (sometimes in the basement or main supply cab) and bind together the white wires and then bind together the TRANS, front, back, side, chime wires (usually red) so they now have a closed circuit without having to use the jumper cable that came with the hardwired-video-doorbell … or…
b) do that at the location of the old doorbell on the wall and push the wires into the hole in the wall they came out from.
The Ring Chime Pro does not communicate with the doorbells via. any wiring - it is wifi connected and that is how it is activated when someone pushes the Ring doorbell. Either directly or via. a push notification from Ring servers when your doorbell registers someone pushing the bell.
Hope this helps