Bypass exit/entrance delay when not needed

Hi. Is there currently a way to bypass or even accelerate the exit/entrance delay when it is not needed? For example, when arming the system at night (not leaving the house) I have to listen to the system countdown and it is tedious. I would love to speed it up or bypass it altogether if I do not need the extra time.
If this is not an option, will it possibly become one in the future?

In the Mode Settings for Home, set the Exit Delay for 0 seconds and you won’t have a count down.

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Yeah, but in my case, I need a delay when I leave the house while others are sleeping. So in this case, an exit delay is necessary but if I’m going to sleep at night and not leaving a exit delay is not needed. It would be fantastic if I could like maybe double press home to bypass the delay and it automatically go into home and armed.

Try having the volume turned down so that when you are sneaking out of the house while others are sleeping it will likely not wake them. When they go to use it during the day it will likely be loud enough for them to still hear the countdown.

Hi @KingDan662. Check out this Help Center article here. This has information about bypassing a Contact Sensor without disarming your Alarm system. Let me know how you like this feature!