Bypass alarm

Bypass alarm comes on the iPhone and keypad when I want to set alarm I have to bypass alarm to set the alarm it says the front door is open but it is closed. What to do?

Hi there, @Queen2! The Alarm will require a bypassing of any sensor that is tampered or open during an attempt to change or arm modes. This is to let you know that a sensor is not ready to be included in an armed mode, and to allow you to ignore an arm any ways if desired.

If this is unintended, please check the Sensor in question and ensure that the Sensor cover is secured and closed. Please also ensure the magnet and sensor are lining up and close together, where they are mounted. While it is often not a factor, if there is great distance between your Base Station and the Sensor in question, it’s worth considering the signal strength connection it is receiving. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: