Bye, bye, ...the day...the Ring Pro Died

Sorry to hear about this @SpectreGadget! As long as your power supply is 16 to 24 VAC, and wiring is proper gauge, your Pro should be working as intended. If this is a recent replacement, I recommend reaching out to our support team to see how they can help further.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. I hope this helps!

Same happened to me. Only fix that worked was to buy a new battery pack that connects to the chime. Ring sells them for under 5 bucks. Worked for about 5 months and just died again last week. 5 months for 5 bucks is worth it to me. Ordered 2 this time

I have a hard wired Ring Pro (no battery) purchased around 12/2016.
Going through old email I see 8/17/2017, 8/25/2017 the device is disconnected and cannot be turned back on.

Through out the years the issue remained, went through

  • install v2 power adapter
  • install new doorbell transformer
  • turn off hardware chime and use electronic chime.

Each time I can only get it back to alive is:

Unscrew the doorbell, unscrew one of the door power wire, touch the two wires to create a spark, screw back to doorbell then after ~30 seconds Ring Pro would connect right back as if nothing ever happened. I did measure 20VA when the 2 wires are connected to Ring Pro when it wasn’t working, so I know power is there. Signal Strength is RSSI-44 (good), and mv is good (although this last “reboot” I don’t see that mv measurement in the Ring app anymore).

I found out it went down since 12/25/2020 on 1/10/2021.

Can anyone shed some light why I need to touch the 2 wires to get Ring Pro back to work again?
I will try to hold the side button for 30 seconds next time if this goes down again. I thought I tried that but know shorting the 2 wires would work.

I have had this happen twice. I have the first generation Ring Doorbell Pro and it has worked flawlessly for years. However I had the same thing happen about a year ago. Did Fix it. You need to remove it from the wall or outside location and plug it into your computer to “reset” it. I am not sure why this happens but I am sure it is a flaw. I have the hardwired version so I am not sure why it appears to need “charging” or reseting this way. Back a year ago I saw a few individuals discussing a “recall” but obviously that has not happened. As I said, I fixed this by leaving on my computer till the ring stop flashing and was steady. Removed it and it worked for a year. It is now dead again. It is also odd all my first generation Ring items; which I have about 40 installed in my home, are all having some sort of battery or software issue. My alarm contacts are starting not to work, but for now I just replaced the batteries. However, I will not continue with this. I may just switch everything over to the competition if this continues. There are many that have similar replacements now that are more durable. I love Ring, but I am not sure I will get a new doorbell because of a flaw that has not been confirmed or admitted to. Sort of like Apple. You will only get a replacement if you continue to complain and someone say class action lawsuit. I have other things to worrying about. and should not have to babysit a company on their products reliability. I will do this reboot one more time then I will change over slowly to Google products or whatever is more reliable.

Uninstalled my 2016/2017 model pro back in August of 2019 when leaving Texas and plugged it back in now. Came on and worked fine. Then said it needed to update the software. It did and has been bricked ever since. Having gone 2 years disconnected and then connecting, working and then software update and bricking … it is definitely something they are responsible for. I just ordered a new one on Amazon. I should call and whine but need a doorbell and don’t have the time.

My Ring video doorbell Pro lasted less than 2 years. I called Customer Service and they offered a discount on a new device which I appreciated. I saw on this website that multiple other customers received replacement units for their devices that were the same age as mine or older when they stopped working and were also out of warranty. I called Ring Customer Service back with this info, but they would not extend the same courtesy of a replacement device to me. They may have had a change in management, as their policies have changed. They are no longer as accommodating to customers as in the past.

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Same crap different user. The same happened to me. My ring Pro dies after a little over 2 years. All they offered was a discount code towards a new or refurbished item. What a scam!!! Does anyone have experience with Nest doorbells?

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To say I’m extremely disappointed is an understatement. My Ring pro just died after 15months. Did all of the troubleshooting on my own - no luck. Had to wait 35 minutes to be connected to customer support by phone only to go through the troubleshooting again - no luck. Was offered the 35% discount code and no offer of replacement. Heck, I’d even take a refurbished replacement. I get that I’m out of the one-year warranty, but this product should last longer than 15 months for the initial price paid. It’s not like it gets extreme use from people ringing the doorbell. If everyone got replacements for the same product up until a year ago, why can’t I? Clearly it’s a known issue. I don’t want to buy a new ring and have this same thing happen again. I’ll be looking at other products.

Can confirm the same policy with my Ring Doorbell Pro. Worked for just over 2 years. Stopped suddenly. Tech support was unable to root cause, but doing a teardown and testing the battery confirmed it’s not providing power. A wired unit designed around a battery that with a lifespan of 2-3 years? That’s unacceptable. Ring offered just a discount on a new device. They never mentioned the battery as a potential cause of failure. I would not recommend buying a Ring again.

Had the same issue and did the same checks. Took everything apart and started over and it worked. Think the connects just finally came loose after 3 years. The Ring had been working just fine for 3 years until it showed that it was not receiving power. Simple solution and it is working just fine again.

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