Bye, bye, ...the day...the Ring Pro Died

I happen to have the packaging but there was no question about it or ask to include it.

I envision a plain box with unit only in it, swap them, and send the defective one back.

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Thank you, called support, replacement on the way!

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I asked when I called and they said to send everything from the defective unit back, extra faceplates and all. I thought it would just be the broken Ring unit …

I guess this is indeed the day that the Ring Doorbell Pro died. Mine performed it’s last check at 10:47PM on 11/19/19 and that’s it. No more activitiy from it. Voltage is at 20v, and everything seems to be properly wired up. I disconnected it from the power and let it “rest” without power for like 20 minutes. When I connected it back, the white light went around clockwise making one revolution and then the top flashed blue about 60 times. After that it did nothing at all. I tried doing a hard reset, but it does absolutely nothing after the blue light finish flashing. I tried pressing the reset button while it was flashing blue and again nothing at all. If I disconnect it from the power, let it rest and connect it again, it will again show the white circle and flash blue about 60 times, but will do nothing else. Network doesn’t see it or anything.

Please contact tech support. We’ve been really happy with their assistance and standing behind the Ring. They replaced ours even though it was two years old, which had a problem much like your own.

This is all very odd, I’ve had the same experience.

I’m guessing Ring pushed out an update that “killed” the Ring Pro. By the way, I also got mine around the same time, but only had it installed for about 1.5 years. Mine died about 11 days ago. I went through the app’s re-connect wizard, but no lights after the brief reset button press. I checked that proper voltage was indeed getting to the unit. I disconnected the wire for a minute and reconnected it but there were no still no lights and the app was showing ‘offline’. Yesterday, just to make sure, I tried a hard reset (held the button 30 seconds) with no luck. It appeared completely dead.

I was contemplating replacing it with a non-Ring product because 1.5 year life expectancy for this is terrible.

Then, just this morning, I got an app doorbell ring notification. It came back to life?!

Perhaps their update screwed it up so it appeared dead but was still connected as they pushed out a fix today?

That’s why I came here to confirm if others had this issue.

When I get home I’ll check it more to see that it is functioning well and lighting up properly. I hope it was just a bad firmware update and not that the hardware is terribly short-lived. In any case it is good to hear that others have gotten an out-of-warranty replacement if this does not end up Staying Alive.

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It sounds that they might replace these devices even out of warranty. Others have posted this here. It’s worth a try if you can’t get it to work.

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If they are replacing them out of warranty definitely makes me think that a software update bricked the devices.

11/23 - chatted with Ring Support
12/3 - replacement in hand and installed

New unit is installed and working perfectly. This helps make decisions on Ring brand purchases in the future!

A full shelf product was sent as replacement and mine was well out of warranty.

I debated chatting about firmware failure but decided to just be simple and pleasant. Provided credit card for hold pending me sending failed unit back … all reasonable and the Dead Ring Pro is on it’s way back tomorrow.

Very pleased with Ring (but curious what went down on Ring Pros).

Mine just died. Went through all the steps and no go. Went through the steps again with support, with expectxed results.

Mine is almost 3 years old, out of warranty of course, and they wanted to charge $215 to replace it. I asked the agent about all the pros in this thread, so after talking with the supervisor, they are replacing the Ring.

I’m glad they are taking care of this issue. I’d hate to have to go to the Nest Hello…

Mine died on 11/20 also! Came on here to try to troubleshoot after trying in vain to bring it back to life. Glad to know that this seems to be a known issue and not just a “user error”. Purchased my Ring Pro in Sept of 2017, will call customer service tomorrow to see if they will replace

Same exact thing happened with ours! Stopped getting notifications a couple weeks ago, just got around to trying to troubleshoot this week. Everything connected correctly but doorbell is DEAD.

Just an update, I posted previously that my Ring Pro had died for 11 days and came back to life on the 12th day.

About 10 days have passed since it came back and it has been working fine. I want to say it was probably a bad update they pushed out then corrected. The unit may have looked dead with no lights but was still on. I don’t know what firmware version it had prior to “dying”, but from the Ring app my firmware version now shows 2.1.01005.

Those that are just discovering an issue may want to try what I did. I completely removed power by disconnecting the wires. Then after reconnecting and waiting a few minutes, I did a hard reset (hold side button down for 30 seconds). It still looked unresponsive, but the following morning it was unexpectedly working again.

Just spoke to customer service and they looked up my device from 2017 and are replacing it, saying it’s not up to Ring’s standards. Will ship to me within a week.

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TL : DR: I had the same issue as everyone else. Was offered a discount bc out of warranty. Told them it was a known firmware issue. They offered a free replacement.

Glad I stumbled on this post from a random YouTube video about fixing my doorbell Pro. I just discovered that my Doorbell Pro (bought ~July '17) went offline sometime after Nov. 18 as that was the last recording. Tried doing the wifi connection. No lights. Unhooked the wires, tested them and the chime still worked. Put them back on and the white light circled once, the blue light blinked a few times, and then shut off. I tried plugging it in through the USB port overnight but nothing.

I contacted Ring Support through chat today and they had me go through all of the troubleshooting steps and send them pictures (ring wired up, transformer, and chime with the converter). They said everything looked fine and the unit must be defective. BUT since it’s out of warranty they would offer me 35% off a new one. I referenced others with the same issue getting free replacements and they pushed back. I told them it seems like a known firmware issue that people are having and getting new ones despite being out of warranty. They checked with a “supervisor” and offered a one time courtesy replacement. I just have to keep my credit card on file and send the defective one back. So… Thanks for your posts!

This thread just saved me lots of time, money, and head ache. Same issue happened with our Pro. On November 20, 2019 it mysteriously just quit working after more than a year with 0 issues. After putting it off for weeks due to holidays, work travel, and wedding planning, I finally got around to trouble shooting it. The unit would not power on at all while attempting to reconecct, other than a blue light for just a few seconds. All wiring was still intact, wifi good, voltage adequate; I could not find anything that would be causing the lack of power. I was in the midst of watching YouTube videos about fixing Ring Pro’s, when I stumbled upon a link in the video comments that brought me to this thread. I read through and immediately called Ring support. The representative had me go through the normal reconnect steps yet again, which still did not work. I told her I had found this thread and was convinced my Pro died because of their firmware update. She put me on hold, and then came back offering me a 35% discount on a replacement, since mine is out of warranty. I immediately objected, stating again that it died due to their updates, and that according to this thread they had replaced others that were out of warranty. After putting me on hold for a few minutes, she retured and said she had gotten approval for a “one time” free replacement. Should receive in the mail later this week.


My second one just died. Oddly enough it was almost 2 years since I replaced the first one. Life span seems to be around 2 years

Just called, mine doing same thing, i was in warranty.

would stop working and need reset ,

they were very nice and replaced it with out much trouble.

I had pre done all the testing the past week. new transformer… etc. check for voltage.

and my wifi signal goes to the street, so i was all good there!

i would like to buy ext warranty on replacment , as i think at least 5 years of working should be the lifespan… ?? thoughts anyone?


I’m not fluent in english, so my sentence are short :slight_smile:

My doorbell Ring Pro seems dead after only 14 month.

So :

  • Two month after the end of the warranty,

  • One month after I paid the Could plan for the all year.

Did someone had the same problem ?

I can’t reach Ring’s support by phone, the number seems unavailable (due the Covid-19 probably).

I’m thinking to leave Ring, and try something else… (Nest?), did one of you managed to get some help from Ring in such situation ?

Thanks, and take care !


Seven months later, my replacement Ring Pro is dead. Again. Lovely.

Time to try something else. Maybe an Eufy.