Buzzing/not working though I replaced most parts?

So I have a ring pro, (with battery pack installed in doorbell chime) got it all hooked up around Christmas and it’s been great up until this week. Started making a loud buzzing or vibrating sound at the doorbell chime. Which also when doorbell stopped working or showing video. Did some research and saw may need. 10ohm resistor, got it and it immediately started smoking. Look more into it and also looking at doorbell chime, thinking it’s possibly transformer and get recommended one and replace doorbell chime as it looks broken. Put those new parts in, and still buzzing. At this point I am utterly confused on what else to look for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @PulsingDeath. If your pre-existing chime is buzzing when a Doorbell Pro is installed, you want to make sure it is compatible with the Pro, regardless of whether it was working before. You also want to double-check your Pro Power Kit installation. Another thing to look into is your In-Home Chime Kit Settings which can be found in your Doorbells Device Settings. You want to verify that you have the correct option selected for it, either mechanical or digital. Lastly, remove the resistor from your installation, as one is not required for a Pro. I hope this helps!