Buzzing and random chiming

Hello, I am a new ring user (video doorbell) and experiencing lots of growing pains of a new experience. Installation the first day seemed to go well but after a few hours the chime inside the house started to buzz and then random chime and the buzz would breifly go away after the chime (its like a half chime- weak compared to normal). It ended up chiming randomly all night that night. Next day I got my dad to check the wiring, all seemed fine so we gave itnpower again and within a couple hours the buzzing and random chiming started again so i just unhooked a wire again to shut the power down. I spent 50some mintues on tech support last night with my dad there to help and we thought we had it working and tech support concluded it must be the white battery pack thing which is apparently optional for my chime so we removed it and it seemed to work so i was happy. but fast forward and as i am gettinf ready for bed it starts buzzing again and sure enough its been buzzing and chiming for hours now. i have again removed a wire to make it stop. Its a nutone chime. Anyone have anything that worked for them? Its 4:45 am and i am exhausted and frustrated.

Hi @user79983. Since you worked with our support team, I am sure you went through the basic troubleshooting steps for your concern, which is all we can offer here in the Community. The next best step would be to give our support team another call to continue working with you on your concern. They should be able to go through more in-depth troubleshooting and escalate you to our advanced technical team if need be.