Burning Smell, Ruined Doorbell, and No Help from Ring

We have experienced the same issue! We followed the installation instructions exactly as stated. The Ring was working well for about a day until it suddenly disconnected and the video was no longer viewable. After that we started smelling a burning smell from our doorbell chime and it was hot to the touch. The chime seems to be stuck in the “on” position so something electrical is airy. Out of fear of burning down our home we have since disconnected the chime (along with the ring device) altogether.

We contacted customer support and after being transferred 3 times we were told we need to pay for a trade call fee of $99.99 for the service technician to come out. At the end of the call (and after providing my credit card information) the customer service rep informed us there would be an additional $65 fee per hour after the first hour. We asked if Ring would pay for any additional hardware required to remedy the problem that their product caused but the rep kept just wanting us to have the service technician come out to assess (and have us foot the bill). The ring (from Costco) was already $200 and we fear a new doorbell chime is needed since we think ours is now fried. We didn’t schedule the service fee since something is not right here and we shouldn’t have to pay for a faulty device that we already paid for.

Can anyone say if/how any of these issues were fixed? We are not satisfied with the customer service we received and feel like we are in a bit of a pickle here as far as next steps.

Yours is not the usual experience so something with your setup happened. Whether installed incorrectly or some old component being worn out.
My suggestion is to hire an electrician to look at your setup. A person on the other side of the world answering a phone isn’t likely to give you an accurate answer.

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