Bugs setting off floodlight wired Pro motion activated lights due to infrared

At night, I have motion activated lights on but it appears bugs are attracted to the red infrared lights on the cam. Is there a way to shut those red lights off at night? I have people only on and lowest sensitivity also. I tried turning the color night vision off thinking those red lights would turn off also, but they stayed on. Is there any way to shut them off? I wanted the led flood lights just to come on if a person activated it at night, not on and off all night from the flying bugs triggering it. I currently just have them set to on all night with a schedule so I have light on if needed. Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the response. That I understand, but I was just wondering if it’s even a setting I can turn off on the flood light pro? I see I can turn off the IR off on my outdoor stick up cam, but I don’t see it on the flood light. Why does it let me turn it off on the stick up cam? Wouldn’t that need it at night also for the the motion to work?


The IR lights on the Floodlight Cam cannot be turned off. Other neighbors have asked for the option to turn the night vision on their Doorbells or Cameras off before. You’re welcome to add your feedback and vote to that request. Our team uses the Feature Request board to gather and share ideas with our teams here.