BUG: Wired camera dusk/dawn ends early

Several mornings when I get up the security light is turn off and is only activated with motion. This past morning you could see it shut off at 03:30, WELL BEFORE dawn. It has done this several times over the last few weeks.

PLEASE FIX, there is a reason why I have the security lights on!

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TxBitPusher -

Is the floodlight that is experiencing the problem, by any chance, a Ring Floodlight Cam (1st Gen)? If so, have you seen the posts in the following thread?

If you have a different model of Ring floodlight, it may mean that the problem has spread to other Ring floodlight models (perhaps, due to an automatic firmware update).

As you’ll see in the posts in the above-mentioned thread, there are now a number of things that trigger the problem. This also means that some of the workarounds you try may not work consistently – which is even worse. (It’s definitely frustrating that Ring continues to “break” features that previously seemed to work.)

In any case, since the problem creates serious security issues, you may want to consider moving your post to the above-mentioned thread (so there are as many posts on the topic as possible in one location).