[BUG] Ring app does not connect with DNS changer (VPN) app on Android

When using a DNS changer app (which is a VPN app but only changes DNS - using Google’s Intra app), I am not able to stream video. When I turn off the DNS changer which lowers my security, video streams fine.

All other apps including other cameras from other providers work fine.

On Android 8.1

Thanks for sharing @G14394! This sounds like it is a limitation or setting on the 3rd party app that is conflicting. I recommend checking their site for more information. Meanwhile, I will certainly share this with the apps team as a feature request :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

Thank you for the reply. However, this isn’t a feature request. It’s a bug report for the ring app. The “3rd party app” is Google itself on their own OS. This phone is used for business and many companies require VPN connections. As mentioned, other camera apps work fine. I shouldn’t have to choose to lowering security to make the ring app work.

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