Bug Report

I think this is a bug. When I go into history and select edit, circles appear next to each event. Also a trash can icon and “Delete All” appear at the bottom. So I try to select several entries by touching the circles but accidentally open one event to view. When I close the event and get back to the editing window the trash can and delete all have disappeared and I have to back out and start over again. I have big fingers and it is almost impossible to select several items without inadvertently opening one of them. Can this be fixed? Thank you.

Hey @KenB11769. Thanks for bringing this up and detailing what happens to a tee. You are indeed correct, this is a bug we have at this time. Our teams are looking to fix this for future for our iOS users as it is specific to iOS at this time. Rest assured that we should have this fixed for the future, and ensure you are not accidentally clicking an event, as going back to this “edit” mode after viewing an event is what is causing the trash can and delete all options to disappear. Thanks, neighbor! :slight_smile:

when will this be fixed? i am still having the problem of the trash can disappearing.

I don’t have an exact timeframe for you @noyb1 , but we will certainly follow up with the team and keep you and the rest of the Community informed!

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