Bug report: Motion zones not saving for multiple cameras

Hi, I have 2 Ring Floodlight cameras and 2 wired spotlight camera. I’ve been using it for a few months now and realized motion zones for lights are not working correctly at all. First of all, it will not save state when I change it (you can see from this video https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/IgbJeomnQly0ljTK1Qqbtw.V-dkQssDW7u5sw7sUtOLPO) and secondly, if I turn off one motion zone for example left or right and try to approach it from that side it will turn on lights. This is really irritating as I have neighbors which are triggering lights during night. I even tried to turn off all zones but it is still turning on (I’m only talking about PIR sensor movement which triggers lights not motion sensor movement).

Hey @filip88. We actually had this become a trending concern, but has since been resolved! If you could, please make sure you have the most up to date Ring app, and if you do and it’s still not working for you, do the following:

  • Remove the Ring app from your phone

  • Reboot your phone (turn it off/on)

  • Reinstall the Ring app

Ensure you also have the most up to date OS software on your phone, and give it another try! Let me know how this goes. :slight_smile: