Bug report - Incorrect notification sound when entering geofence area

Steps to recreate:
Activate alarm system in away mode
Vacate the property normally
Move outside of the property’s geofence area
Move back within the property’s geofence area
Listen to notification sound generated via iPhone notification

Expected results:
Notification sound should be the “windchimes”, which previously played, and is the same as when a Ring Doorbell detects nearby activity

Actual results:
The notification sound is the “doorbell”, which is the same as when someone presses the Ring Doorbell

Additional information:
This has occurred recently - I’ve only owned the alarm system since the start of the year and until a few weeks ago the notification sound was correct.

Hi @julianhall. What type of iPhone/iOS do you have, and what version of the Ring app is installed? Have you tried changing this to a tone other than “windchimes” to see it that works? Let me know this information so I can dive deeper on this concern.

Hi Tom. Thanks for coming back to me. I have an iPhone 11, running iOS 16.4.1. I didn’t realise it was possible to change the geofence tone, and assumed it was hardcoded. I’ve now found in the app where it can be set, and can confirm that it is set as “Windchimes”.

Hi @julianhall. Glad to hear that you got this sorted out!

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