Bug Report: Echo Show not automatically showing - proven reproducible issue with workaround

Still not fixed, huh?

I’ve got a business that I have Ring and Echos at, and a branch office with a similar setup and this has been killing me.

I’m about to change to Eufy instead.

I spent a few hours on this yesterday. Finally got this to work after fully deleting and re-installing Alexa App, only then did Echo start listing ring as a device and showing videos.
(Prior to that also factory reset echo and reinstalled ring app, but only worked after Alexa App reinstall.) Hope this helps others!
P.S. Videos seem to be very laggy on 5G band, 2.4 a bit better but that might just be my setup)

So this is now working for me. I contacted Amazon and it seems they may have done something to fix the issue. One thing to note is that if it makes the motion announcement first, the camera may not have time to show.

So is there a quick fix to this? Does the Eufy option work for sure and easily? I have a lot of Echo Shows and devices and I don’t want to mess around with just the doorbell… I’d rather just replace it if Ring is going to be difficult and Eufy is easy. Any insight?

Hi neighbors! Here are the step by step instructions on how to obtain Auto Live View on Motion Events:

-Open Alexa app
-Tap on More (bottom right corner)
-Tap the + (upper right corner)
-Tap on ENTER ROUTINE NAME, name your routine, and tap Next (upper right corner)
-Tap WHEN THIS HAPPENS, select Smart Home, locate your Ring device and tap on it
-Tap on MOTION
-Tap on toggle (button) for DETECTED, tap Next (upper right corner)
-Tap ADD ACTION, scroll down and locate and tap on CUSTOM
-Type in: Show Front Door Camera (substitute “Front Door” for your actual camera’s name)
-Tap Next (upper right corner)
-Tap CHOOSE DEVICE (select the Alexa device w/ a screen that will auto start video when motion is detected)
-Tap Save (upper right corner)

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I’m having this issue, everything works perfectly except my Shows only give a “Motion at the front door” message and no live video feed/
I tried Marly_Rings solution and it works, but with a huge problem!
It means the video feed stays open, so if no one is home the video feed stays open so no more battery (and I’m guessing it also means you won’t get any more motion alerts as you are on the live view!)

Got a Ring 3 Doorbell, Echo show 5 and Echo dot - set everything up and it all works perfectly on my Pixel 5 and Wife’s iPhone. On both echos the live view works if you say “show the front door” but the notification of motion or doorbell press don’t announce on either echo.
I’ve done all the resetting and re-installing suggested on various threads and triple checked the settings on all apps and devices. Tried the fix above using a routine - it works if I manually play the routine but doesn’t work if I wave my hand in front of the camera (i.e. the motion is not triggering the routine).
The fact it works on our phones suggests it’s not a faulty device. The fact I can see live view on both echos suggests it’s set up ok from a connectivity perspective. Any suggestions (a nest product & google home is looking favorite)

So an update - Changed the amazon account on the echo to my account - Everything suddenly worked ok. Changed it back to the original (my wife’s) amazon account and it didn’t work until deleted the device and re-enabled - now works ok.

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I’ve got the same issue. Have reset the device, deregistered, set up again and same result. Bought this specifically for the auto video load. Going to return.

Hi, facing same issue here. Changed the names of my 3 Echo Show devices and stoped getting live view whenever either doorbells I have is ringed… Only get verbal notification.

Any fixes other than deregistering all devices and linking them to a new account yet??

Sure by now Amazon has a fix…

Hi, as an update, tried factory resetting the accounts and unlinking the Amazon account from the ring app, then re-do the setup… Works just for a few minutes then returns to not displaying anything, just announcing without video…

This is really frustrating, any updates Ring?

Just want to confirm that this also affects me.

It worked when first installed last week then I noticed live view wasn’t being automatically displayed on the 2 Echo Shows any more. I removed the Ring doorbell from Amazon and then re-added and it started working again but that only lasted a day. Very frustrating.

I’m actually relieved to see that this issue doesn’t just affect me! Bought the Echo Show 5 and Ring 3 Plus in a Amazon deal bundle a while back. Was using the show but only just installed the doorbell. Everything working great with every device… except the echo show! Works when I ask Alexa, but no video or voice notifications at all. None on Fire TV either but I’m not sure if they’re supported or not (although the Alexa app does say ‘announcements’ on)?

I’ve been chatting to Amazon support for hours, now on my 7th advisor and really sick of repeating myself… nothing has worked so far!