Bug Report: Android Ring App - Retrofit Alarm Kit - Minor

When adding a device to a Room in the Android Ring App, all devices connected to the Retrofit Alarm Kit become associated with that room. Thus from the Android app, it is impossible to have sensors assigned to different rooms.

In the web app, different devices associated to the same Retrofit Alarm Kit can correctly be assigned to different rooms.

The Android app bug is mostly cosmetic and does not impact major functionallity.

Hi there, @loftygoals! As I shared on your other post, this feedback is amazing! Thank you for sharing our passion in providing the best experience possible to all Ring neighbors. Excellent call trying this particular app flow on another device, or via another method. Consider this thread shared with our teams here. :slight_smile:

The same thing is happening to me in my iPhone app. If I try to move a device connected to the Retrofit Alarm Kit, all the devices connected to it are moved to that room as well. Likewise, if i move the Retrofit Alarm kit to a different room, all the devices connected to it are moved.

The web interface doesn’t let you mark the Retrofit Kit and the zones in different rooms anymore. And this bug has been reported nearly a year and a half ago. It’s rather useless to have a Room feature at all if all of my RK Zones have to be marked as “Room Unassigned”. Please fix this already!

as reported in another thread, I determined additional details on the problem. I also developed a workaround using the website for my 15 sensors and 2 Retrofit Kits.

  • Each time a sensor’s room is saved, that room is set on that sensor’s Retrofit Kit
  • When you SAVE a Retrofit Kit’s room, that room is propagated to all the sensors connected to that Retrofit Kit

Hence, my workaround was to

  1. set the rooms for all my contact, motion and glass break sensors
  2. I DID NOT explicitly set the room for my 2 Retrofit Kits which are in the BASEMENT
  3. Since I have sensors in the BASEMENT, I set those LAST thereby also setting their Retrofit Kits’ rooms to BASEMENT