BUG: Mode status does not sync between different devices / Apps

The mode status of property does not sync between devices.

if i set my property to AWAY on my iPhone then open the ring app on my iPad the status of the mode is not refreshed and still shows as Disarmed.

This is very confusing as ipad suggests the house is disarmed even though it is not and is actually set to Away. The only way to get the iPad back in sync is to hard quit the app in iOS (swipe up to remove) and reopen the app again… it then shows the correct mode after a cold app start.

Suggested solution: when the app polls for the camera status / last snapshot, please also poll the property Mode state as well and update the app UI to show the currently set Mode correctly.

as a key security feature, it is pretty pointless / useless if current Mode status cannot be kept in sync for more than one app install / device!

pls fix this ASAP

Hi @Toadio. I’d be happy to look into this once I have more information. Are you leaving the Ring App running in the background on the iPad at all times, including when you initiate the mode change? Additionally, have you ensured that the Ring App and the OS on both devices are fully updated? To make sure you have the latest version of the Ring App, try uninstalling it from both devices, restarting each device fully, and then reinstalling the Ring App.

hi there,

I am running Ring app version 5.31.0 and iOS 14.0.1 on both my iPhone and my iPad.

I do not leave either of the apps in the foreground. To replicate:

  1. Open ring app on iPhone and iPad, check both apps show Mode of Home and then navigate off back to another app or the iOS home screen.

  2. Then using the iPhone, open the ring app again and change the mode status from Home to Away. (i usually wait for the push notification to come in that the mode has been changed)

  3. Open the iPad app and the Mode will still be showing as set to Home even though it is actually now Away. doesnt matter how long you wait the mode status does not update.

  4. kill the iPad app, and reopen (i.e. cold start) the mode will now show correctly as Away instead of home.

so in a nutshell, it seems that the mode is not updated when the app returns from the background or when it polls for snapshots and thus gets out of sync very easily when two devices are used on the same account to set modes

@Toadio It sounds like you have the Ring App open on both devices when you are changing the mode, is that correct? Have you tried changing it on your iPhone and then opening the Ring App on the iPad afterward? Let me know if it updates when you try it this way.

Hi there… no i dont have both apps open at the same time… in fact i set the mode on my ipad yesterday to AWAY and just checked using the ring app on my iphone while writing this message and it was showing as Home!

I am not sure how to make it any clearer… but displayed mode status does not sync between devices on the same account unless you forcealy quit the app from memory (swipe up and reopen) or reinstall it… neither of which are sensible options!

Pls can this be fixed asap

@Toadio I appreciate that information! I’ve forwarded these details over to my team to have them take a look. I’ll be sure to provide an update once I have anything to share on this concern. :slight_smile:

The same thing has happened twice between our iphones. One shows Away and the other Home