Bug in ios Ring App 5.24.0 - can't setup wifi

Not sure if this has been reported but there is a bug in the Ring IOS App. This will only affect those who are trying to change the wifi access point of their Ring Doorbell or are setting up a new Ring device.

Summary of incidents:

I was trying to change my Ring Doorbell 2 to use a different wifi access point. IOS Ring App for iphones/ipads will complain that it cannot proceed after you join the Ring Doorbell’s wifi and enter the credentials for your wifi access point. The white leds on the Ring Doorbell 2 will continue to spin in a circle, and the setup process on your Ring App will say setup fail. Called tech support and after some extensive troubleshooting (tech support guy Chris was very detailed and professional), it was deemed that my Ring Doorbell 2 hardware was defective. I was given a discount code towards the purchase of another Ring product.

What really caught my attention when the setup failed was that after entering the credentials and pressing continue, the Setup Failed page would immediately pop up. the same thing would happen on different devices (all with the latest Ring App), even after re-installing the App. Usually, it would take a few seconds to try to authenticate to the access points. I also noticed that ll my devices had the Ring App recently updated to 5.24.0, so I suspected it was a software issue.

Workaround : I had an old iPod that had ios 9 (pretty old version). I downloaded the Ring App and because it was an older IOS platform, it only worked with an older Ring App. I tried the wifi setup and everything worked well! So don’t throw out your Ring Doorbell just yet!

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