BUG in iOS App: Camera Previews on Dashboard No Longer Update Correctly when Launching App

So – I have two Ring cameras (one is a doorbell camera and another is a stick-up camera). It used to be that when I’d launch the Ring app on my iPhone, BOTH of the camera previews on the dashboard screen would update with the current image. NOW, when I do this, only the first camera preview updates. The second camera does not change until I switch to another page (Neighbors, History, etc.) and then switch back.

Can someone at Ring please look into reproducing this issue and getting it fixed in a future app release? Thanks.


I have the same problem - was there an update to the app?

I have same issue between my doorbell cam and flood light cam, sometime the second cam(flood light) but the first won’t update the image and vice versa

I have the same issue - I have two floodlight cams, both with up to date firmware, one camera (backyard) reliably gives an instantaneous preview on the dashboard and updates every minute or so whereas the other camera (front yard) only updates if I momentarily invoke ‘live view’ for it and go back to the dashboard but even then the front yard preview picture won’t update automatically after that.

There are a few similar threads about this. It is 100% an app issue since either the last update or the one before. I think its been going on for at least a few weeks now. Ring for sure will know about this but haven’t said anything. I suspect the next app update will fix it.

I have a similar problem. The dashboard image updates only once after 30-40 seconds but then does not update again until you change screens. Previously the dashboard image used to update continuously every 40 seconds or so. Used to work fine before the latest update.
After the latest update, yet another RING fail, my ipad device does not now open the live screen automatically when the doorbell is pressed I now have to open it manually which is.

Yes. This is being reported in several boards including Security Cams. Ring, can we get this fixed?

Also, I noted the timeline is not showing the most recent snapshot until way after an hour after the last one was taken (I have it set to 1 hour snapshots). So, for instance, if it is 9:30 am, I can see 3:00 am, on up every hour until 8 am but the 9 am one is missing until say 10:30 and then it shows up. So I know it is taking the snapshot, but a serious lag time in showing on the time line. Ring??

Same issue here. Seemed to happen after last update like others have said. Thanks for posting! Glad to know it’s not just me, but also hope a fix is available soon.

Hi neighbors! We have a similar thread about this topic that you can view here. I’d recommend reading through that thread, as another moderator has shared some information on it in his replies :slight_smile:

The bug appears to have been fixed in today’s update to the iOS Ring app (version 5.39.0). I launched the app after updating and both previews updated correctly, as expected.

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I agree with clayj, looks like today’s update did fix the issue.

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Yip it does indeed look to be fixed in the latest update.

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This just started on my phone 2 weeks ago. It still works on my wife’s phone. I can get it to update when I log onto my WiFi at home but can not do it while on cellular data. It works on cellular on my wife’s phone. Spent close to 2 hours on the phone with the help center… to get no where. ANY ideas???
And why does the time line on the right side of this page say that I posted in May of 21??

Hi @daveift. If you are able to access Camera Previews while on WiFi, but not on cellular data, then it would seem that some of your phones settings may need to be adjusted to allow the Ring app to properly function on cellular data. What type of phone do you have and what version of the Ring app is installed? The date you are seeing on the right side of this page reflects the last time someone posted on this topic, which was May of 2021. In the upper right corner of your post, you can see the date of your post. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. I have an iPhone 13 mini IOS 15.1. So I have an update on the issue as well. When I was out in the woods away from the house my phone rolled to a 3G network and the live update started updating. It would start clicking away with the seconds since last update then would go for like 3 minutes then start over counting seconds. But now again back on 5G 2 to 3 bars of service it does not update, but my wife’s still does on cellular data.
Thanks for the help

Hi @daveift, chiming in for Tom here. It seems like the concern is isolated to the 5G connection, as it may not have as strong of a signal. Is your wife’s cellular data on 5G as well and what is the strength of the connection?