Broken security camera

I’ve had bad customer service before, but this is the worst I’ve ever had to deal with in a long time. I am so frustrated, and I’m still on hold with them. I’ve been on the phone for multiple hours today. I purchased a brand new black pro, and we got it installed by an electrician. It didn’t work. So we called Ring and they sent us another one - but it was white and refurbished. So we called them again and they said the black ones are out of stock which is why they sent white and there’s nothing they can do. If we wanted white, we would’ve bought it at Costco or Amazon. We needed black, which is why we bought it on the Ring website, and not only did they send the wrong color, but they sent a refurbished one. There is still no resolution, with them going around and around in circles making excuses to why they can’t refund us or send out shipping labels. The original one is now over 30 days so they can’t refund us and the refurbished white one is the wrong number. What?? My husband and I regret buying Ring to begin with. I wish we had read all the horrible reviews before we got entangled with this company. They’re untrained and act no different than liars and crooks. We’re stuck with a broken black camera that’s currently installed on our roof, a refurbished white one which they’ll charge us for if we don’t return it within 2 weeks, but they won’t send us a return label or give us an extension unless we call again when it gets closer to the expire date. What?? The black is out of stock with no restock date. And they won’t refund us or give us labels to return them. Yet they’re happy to keep our money for the broken one and keep charging us for the wrong color, refurbished item. They said only a supervisor can exchange it out for a new product. How were we supposed to know, and why is that, because if we purchased a new one that came broken, shouldn’t another new one be sent out - the same model and color? And of course no supervisors are available. Ring customer service is a nightmare. I’m never buying another one and will dissuade anyone from getting one. I plan to call my local news station and let them know my experience, because potential customers need to be warned of this company’s foul play… They don’t care about the customer - they only care about money.