Bring Back Zoom when in Live View

Please Bring Back pinch to zoom when in live view.

The latest updated (5.21.0) killed this feature on iPhone.



Does anyone bother to search? There’s an answer and a huge thread about this. If you search you’ll understand.

@Eagle328 I did search and this is the first thread that popped up so… why not share your knowledge instead of being judgy?


Because it’s been said on the community many times and can be seen on Google search. The latest update to the iPhone app broke it.
They need to patch it.

Rapid Ring app still functions.

No time frame as to when new update will go out.

That’s all there is. Just have to wait or use the Rapid Ring app.

Same issue
Same questions

When is Ring going to acknowledge this to all iOS users and give some time frame for resolution?


Are you working on this?

She’s out back now coding away…

Mine is working with the 5.21.1 update.

Thank you for posting! I just updated mine and this feature is back! ?

My firmware version is still 5.21.0 and says up to date but I still don’t have zoom function in live view. How did you guys force your app to update the version?

It’s not the firmware. It’s the app your phone uses that was the problem. Here is the link to download the latest app for iOS.
You should be able to just update your app. But others have had to uninstall the app and the install it again which should bring it up to date. Hope this helps.

Ahh well my phone OS is also up to date. I had considered removing/reloading the app itself so that is a great suggestion. I’ll post back here if that works or not. Thanks!