Brand new Ring Door Bell Two, Hardwired, shows low battery.

I just installed a brand new Ring Door Bell 2 and it is complaining that the battery is low. I’ve pushed the button a couple of times, but the battery continues to show low and is discharging.

When I bring up device health it shows

Power Source - Hardwired

Status - 4%

What is wrong with my Ring Door Bell 2?



Good question @jjthomas! A hardwired Doorbell 2 is a great way to improve battery charge life and, with normal use, will keep your battery charged. Check out our Community post about common causes for battery to drain quickly. I hope this helps!

My original question is, why does a doorbell that is hooked up to an electrical source, as per the requirements of the installation manual, need to have it’s battery recharged?

The link provided does not answer my question.

Please, why do I need to charge the battery outside the device that is connect to A/C power?

Thank you.


Hi @jjthomas. Chiming in for Marley here! Hardwiring your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is primarily to connect the Video Doorbell 2 to your existing doorbell chime kit. An included benefit is a trickle charge for your Video Doorbell 2’s battery, which provides a small consistent charge to your battery. This trickle charge may not be enough to charge the battery fully but will apply a slow charge to extend battery life. This will help extend the time in between of when you have to charge the device, but the hardwiring alone cannot support the battery in the Doorbell. If you are interested in a Doorbell that does not require a battery to be charged, I recommend the Doorbell Pro. Hope this helps clear this up!

I should not have to shell out $249.00 to update a device that does not perform as it should.



I just discovered similar situation with my hardwired Ring. If my understanding of what you’re saying is accurate, then the advertising/instructions/literature for the Ring is highly deceptive. It leaves the customer believing that when hardwired there is NO need to charge a battery. ("Rechargeable OR Hardwired)!! Highly disappointing for a good product.

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Also just discovered I have the same issue and I completely agree with the two prior posts, the advertising is completely deceptive! I purchased the Ring Door Bell Two so I would not have to charge the battery. Very dissappointing and deceptive!

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Yes, very disappointing. Definitely does not push me to purchase anything from them again. It’s pretty misleading.