Bought a house with wired doorbell

Before I order the special tool to open up the doorbell - is there any way to just “scan” and find it to add to a system or force it to trigger an indoor ringer?

All I’m trying to do is get the bell to ring inside the house. Don’t care about video or subscriptions. There’s a little hockey puck thing plugged into one of the outlets inside the housethat seems to be an indoor ringer.

Hi @GolfinCA. In order for a Ring Doorbell to trigger a Ring Chime, it has to be setup using the Ring app. You will need to remove the faceplate or remove the whole doorbell, depending on the model, to get it set up using the Ring app. The Ring Chime, as well, needs to be setup and connected to your wifi in order for it to work with the Doorbell. The Ring Chime should have a QR code on the back of it to complete its setup. If you can find out the model of the Doorbell and Chime, I can provide you with links that have further information on them.

Thanks - all that was needed was the tool - once I got access to the QR code on the back - the automated setup ran and we’re back in business!

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Glad you got this figured out @GolfinCA !