Bought a house with a Ring Video Doorbell - how do I set it up?

I just moved into a house with a Ring Doorbell. I have no idea what model it is. The units are attached to the walls so I can’t access any QR codes, only a numerical code inside the faceplate but I can’t find anywhere in the app to input that. I also can’t find any info within the app regarding transferring Ring ownership. I just downloaded the app today, so I’m assuming it’s the most recent version. How to I get the doorbells set up and transferred to my ownership.

Hi @JennB75. It would help greatly if you could share a picture of your doorbell. To perform any action, you’ll need to remove the faceplate. Once that is removed, you should be able to access the setup button and follow the on screen prompts in the Ring app. If you share a picture of your doorbell, I can give you instructions specific to that device. Thanks, neighbor.

Thank you. Here are pictures of the doorbells.

Hi @JennB75. That looks like it’s probably a Video Doorbell 2. The QR code is going to be located on the back of the Doorbell, so you’ll need to remove it from the wall to complete the setup process in the Ring app. The Doorbell should be screwed into a mounting plate, so it can be removed by unscrewing it with a Phillips head screwdriver.

If the original owners have already removed the Doorbell from their Ring account, you shouldn’t run into any issues with setting it up. If they haven’t, we have more information on the device ownership transfer process here.

out of interest what happens if the previous owner doesn’t respond after 15 days ?

Hi @TexyUK. It may be different depending on each individual situation, so we’d recommend touching base with our support team in that case.