Boot loop on doorbell

I bought a ring doorbell around a week ago. I couldn’t get the wire connected in my old chime so decided to leave it out and use my Alexa and phone notifications to know when someone is at the door. It works well for a while but then the old chime sound keeps going off and the doorbell goes into boot loop. I can set it up again then it works fine until it happens again. I’m not sure if this is to do with my WiFi connection but don’t want to spend money on an extender if there’s another way to fix it

Hi @user24998. Can you please let us know which model of Doorbell you have? The model name should be listed on the original packaging, the back of the Doorbell itself, and on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Did you hardwire this Doorbell to the existing wiring you had in your home? What is the make and model of the chime kit? It may be an incompatible chime kit depending on which model of Doorbell you have.

It just says video doorbell wired under product name on the app. Yeah I did hard wire the ring doorbell to the existing wiring. The original chime that was connected to my old doorbell I think is called Honeywell if that’s any help

@user24998 Thanks for confirming that information. I’d recommend verifying that the Doorbell Wired is installed according to the wiring guidelines shown here, as any incorrect wiring might be the reason the existing doorbell is going off and could be affecting the power your Doorbell is receiving.