Blurry video/picture on ring doorbell

Hi, I recently installed 2 ring doorbells a few weeks ago. On of the doorbell camera has recently become blurry, almost like the lens is out of focus. I have tried cleaning the lens and still no luck. The WiFi signal outside at the doorbell is at -67 I believe and the customer ya the 1gig Internet speed package. I will upload a picture so you can see.

Hi @Jduke367. Thank you for taking the time to attach a screenshot example so we can see what you’re seeing. Improving the RSSI that your Ring is receiving should improve the video quality. I’d recommend starting with our Community Post on RSSI here as well as our Help Center Article that details some additional steps you can take to improve RSSI here. A better RSSI will indicate that your Ring has a strong and stable wifi connection which will support a clearer image. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I will review the links that you supplied. I appreciate such a quick response and I’ll post back if that doesnt fix the issue. Thanks!

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