Blurry images of moving objects in lower light conditions

Under certain conditions, images recovered from Ring Pro videos have severe blurring. By blurring, I don’t mean pixelation, I mean the kind of blurring you get when you photograph a moving object with a too-slow shutter speed. In still photography, that can be an interesting effect. But for a security camera? It defeats the purpose of saving the videos!

I have confirmed the WiFi bandwidth, verified internet connectivity, updated firmware, rebooted the camera, everything. Everything checks out. My porch lights provide 1500 lumens of light, only 300 less than Ring spotlight camera, but even with that supplemental lighting, the faces of persons walking towrads the doorbell are blurred that the person is allbut unrecognizable. Things that are not moving, both near and far, seem to be quite clear and free of blur. The Ring technicians tell me the Ring Pro device and its connectivity appear to be fine.

I have to say, when you look at the video playing at normal speed, the blurring is not so obvious. I think our eyes and brains are programmed to ignore the blur. But if you look at the individual frames of the video, the ones that you would enalrge and provide to the police, the blurring is so bad you cannot see any distinguishing facial features.

Has anyone else tried to isolate a single frame of a moving object from a low-light video? I’ve attached a sample frame of this problem. Ring tells me nothing is wrong, but this supposedly 1080 resolution image says otherwise.

Any ideas?

I get the same result at noon on a sunny day. I am guessing Ring does this intentionally for privacy

On mine people moving in the video are all blurred. I changed multiple settings still the same! Ugggh aggrevating