Blurred Out Iphone App!

I have been using ring cameras for over 2 years but have notes since Amazon bought them out the app is not working correctly it keeps going blurred on my iphone 7 + why is this, It only started doing this since they took over, If you delete the app and re install it it works for a bit then goes all blurry again, Its starting to get very annoying now as its getting to be a weekly occurrence on the app why is this ?
We pay all this money for cameras and ring plans and the basic thing we need to use and view them do’s not work half the time so why dont they do something about it after all we have and are paying our money to them and at the end of the day of a not fit for purpouse app, Anybody know or suffer from this blurred / greyed out app problem as ive been getting it for over a year now and they still ant fixed they must know its happening or a clitch in the app softwear making this happen !
Short it out ring you have had out hard erend money …