Bluetooth issues on Android app

on 2 separate Samsung phones, if bluetooth is turned on the app treats the live view like a phone call. The audio only comes out the ear piece and you have to hold the phone like you are on a call to be able to use the 2 way chat feature. This defeats the purose of being able to see the person and speak to them via an app.

Turning bluetooth off sorts the issue, but I have a smart watch that is connected via bluetooth so I want bluetooth on.

This is an issue with the app, but RING support told me to call Samsung.

Any suggestions other than turn off bluetooth, which is ridiculous in this day and age.

i just tried turning off bluetooth while in live view and this brought the audio back. I then turned bluetooth back on while still in live view and this seems to keep the audio correct. I will monitor the situation for now. But seems like a glaring flaw if this is the case that I need to do this every day when my watch connects.

Turning the bluetooth off and back on during live view no longer fixes the issue fully. sometimes it works, other times it does not.

Only real fix is to turn off bluetooth fully which is NOT an acceptable fix. Please get your developers to look into this very bad bug. As without a fix the Ring is not working as advertised

So hasd this ever been addressed?
I am getting a variant of the issue… When viewing the ring floodlight it is putting my phone into a ‘phone call’ to its own number… But the phone doesn’t show it anywhere… If I later (hours later) connect to my truck thru android auto the audio is blocked by an ongoing phone call that Does NOT exist… It will not show on the phone, shows as active on the radio display but cannot be hung up, and shows on my smartwach which usually WILL allow it to be hung up.

This is becoming a serious issue as no matter how many hours after viewing the camera it is, but phone is still locked in a ‘call to itself’ and cannot output any other audio… Unknown if it is actually blocking realt phone calls!

Hi @kf6kmx. You’re seeing the “phone call” as a result of the Live View and Bluetooth connection. This is not actually a phone call, it’s just the process that the phone uses to transmit audio. Check to see if you have any app that conflict with the Ring app here. Also, be sure that your Ring app is up to date.