Blue & White Light won't stop flashing. I've tried everything....HELP!

My Spotlight cam will not stop flashing the blue & white connection flash. This has been going on for two weeks. I’ve tried each battery port, made sure the battery was fully charged each time, have laid it directly next to my router, have reset my router, have factory reset my Ring camera…no success.

I also went through each step listed here:

Within the link above there’s a ‘contact us’ link which I tried to use but no one seems to be monitoring the Chat feature or their phone lines. Understood this may be COVID related which is why I’m hoping they’re monitoring this message board and will provide support. If you are on the Ring support team please email me directly to help get this issue resolved.


Hey @brettrclark. If you need immediate support, I recommend to call in to our support team for this kind of troubleshooting. Since you cannot get your device to connect, I would recommend to make sure all ports and protocols are opened on your router, and then try to setup. If you still cannot setup the device, you will definitely need to give our support team a call here.

Hey Brett - same problem here. Before I try the support line route, did you ever get a response or get it working? Mine has been working fine for over 6 months and I have another that didn’t lose connection to wifi so my fear is that this is going back for a replacement…