Blue light

So we got a ring camera as a early Christmas gift never open or set up. We use it while we are at work to check on our younger sibling (who stayed with us while doing online school) and to check up on the house. Just about 3 weeks ago my husband stayed home and he noticed the light will come on by its self. We turned the motion sensor off and neither I or him opened our app to look at the live feed. The camera was up to date and the camera was fully charged. It happened a few times when we were supposed to at work but stayed home. We disconnected it from the wifi and we haven’t used it since, but we still keep it plugged in. Just today about 30 minutes ago, we were watching TV and noticed it went office again! We know the signs of the blue light and its charged, it was updated, and we were not viewing the live feed. I am worried someone has hacked out camera and trying to see when we are not home. I don’t feel safe having it on anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

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