Blue Light on Stick Up Cam Turns on at 4:32am

Hi. I have a Stick Up Cam Solar 3rd generation in my master bedroom, and it is running “cam-1.18.11600” firmware. I am laying in bed around 4:32am about half-awake, and I see this blue light coming across the room. I look up, and it is the stick up camera. Motion detection, motion alerts, and motion warning are all turned off. Then I notice the one in the kitchen doing the same thing. I look at the history for the cameras and nothing. No events. Later on in the day I call Ring support to inquire about what was going on. They state, “We do not have access to the cameras.” No help at all. I also look at the authorized devices, and it is all my equipment in my home. I live alone. Unless one of the dogs got on a computer and started viewing cameras, then I do not know who would have access to these cameras. Any ideas on what the blue light was about?

Hi @user72366. Do you have Snapshot Capture active? This page here shows what the Light Patterns are on the Stick Up Cam. A solid blue light indicates the cam is recording. If the light is blinking, it may be preforming an update.

Hi. Snapshot capture is active.

Hi @user72366. Try turning Snapshot Capture off to disable the blue light. Otherwise, neighbors have used a small piece of electrical tape to cover it.