Blue light in home mode

I have my indoor cameras not to record or allow live view when in home mode, but the blue light still comes on when the camera detects motion making you think it’s recording, surely it shouldn’t do that?

Having the same issue…sure doesn’t make you feel very comfortable when it looks like you’re being spied on…and can’t find a thing online to help with this…

Hi neighbors! When you check your Event History, do you see any recordings in the history that would match up with when you’re seeing the blue light? You can check the Event History for a specific device by opening the Main Menu > Devices > your Camera > Event History.

I’m sure no recordings will show up in recording events, but the point is the blue light is meant to indicate recording in progress or live view in progress.
If it comes on from just motion regardless of recording/viewing, what’s the point of it? For all you know someone is viewing without your knowledge!

Only you and any Shared Users you’ve added via the Ring App will have access to the Live View from your device. If in the case you look into your Ring app and check your Event History and find Live View events that you do not remember initiating, and you’re still concerned about these events, you can always reach out directly to our support team here for further assistance. They can take an in-depth into your account and help ease these concerns you may have.

That still doesn’t explain why the blue light comes on even though no recording or live viewing is taking place?