Blue Light around Ring Video Doorbell from start

I’m helping my family setup a Ring Video Doorbell (B09NLDYGHQ) system at their home. They had 3 standard doorbells that are already hardwired and it’s connected to a digital chime. I’ve setup numerous doorbells to mechanical chimes, so this one I was not familiar with. The disconnected the regular units and connected the new Ring doorbells to each of the 3 locations. Once the power was turned back on all the units center ring turned blue. They aren’t spinning or anything like that, it’s more of a super fast flashing, almost to the point where it just looks like a stable blue light. All 3 lights are doing the exact same thing, so it’s not from a defect. I don’t live there, so I can’t check the transformer power.
What is likely to cause this? Is it too low on power? Also how do I disconnect the digital chime with the jumper. I left photo attachments. The jumper is not long enough to reach from the front to V (which I think is the transformer spot). We tried connecting it from Rear to the V and nothing changed at all.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi @TrembL. We have this Help Center article here regarding installing the Doorbell Wired. If you need further assistance with your installation, I strongly advise consulting a qualified electrician.