Blue circling light around bell push - Hard wired bell

Hello all - I have just bought a hardwired RING doorbell and wondering if it supposed to work like this

Person presses the button, bell rings, the light around the push button scrolls blue colour for about a minute and then goes back to white … but the button cannot be pushed/heard again until the light around the button turns white.

What happens if a person presses the bell switch , but then wants to press the doorbell again within a minute? - its seems they cannot until the light goes back to white

thanks for any help / advice.


Hi @andy_in_ireland. This sounds like normal operation. The button can be pressed once per event. This means, the button triggers a recording and cannot be pressed (and heard) again until the recording is over. I hope this clears up any confusion.


Thank you for your answer. But I do not have a plan , so nothing is recording down (no pictures or video) so why does the person still have to wait a minute to push the doorbell button again?
Most people will press a doorbell button then a few seconds later will press the button again if they get no answer at the door

@andy_in_ireland. I am happy to chime in. Regardless of whether you do not have a plan, this is how the Doorbell functions.

thank you but what is the reasoning behind it , that it is designed like that do you know?

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