Blown Transformers

Has anyone had any issues with the Video Doorbell Wired (the basic, non-pro version) blowing transformers? I installed it in November and it worked great until March when the transformer gave out. We had an electrician come out and replace it. It lasted a week before the new one died. We had him come out again and it lasted less than 24 hours. He made sure to install a 16-24V the second time, so there should have been more then enough power to supply the doorbell. This is becoming very frustrating for a device I have barely had 6 months!

Hi @GetFuzzy57. What is the VA rating on your transformer? Do you know what gauge wires you have connected? I would check this information and reach out to our support team to look into this further. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi Tom,

I am in the US, and my wiring is fine. The electrician checked everything on his second trip out here. The transformer he installed is rated 30VA. Is it possible there is a short in the Wired Doorbell? Do I need to install the Pro Power Kit for this model even though it isn’t called for?

Hi @GetFuzzy57. 30VA is sufficient. At this point, I would contact our support team and let them know you believe your Doorbell Wired to be the culprit here. A Pro Power Kit is only needed for the Ring Pro models. If you are connecting the Doorbell Wired in a circuit with an existing Chime Kit, you would need a Jumper Cable. Feel free to let me know how your support team call goes. Keep in mind, you can ask for a supervisor if you are not getting the level of service you’d expect.

Hi Tom - thank you for the reply. I received a new Doorbell Wired, but never received a return label. I will be changing out both the doorbell and the transformer today, so I will follow up if I have any more issues. So you know how I can obtain a return label for the defective unit?

Hi @GetFuzzy57. For this, you’ll have to follow up with our support team. Try checking your email for a message from them. If you find it, you can request it from that email. You may have to search your Junk/Spam folder to find it. It not, you’ll have to call our support team.