Blocked camera

Because of repeated incidents at a certain time, I closely monitor my Ring doorbell, Spotlight camera and one other camera. But everyday and afternoon,
these products do not record. Action appears starting about a half hour latter. i physically must get up to see if the camera was working and the answer is no.
How can three cameras in different locations at the same time do not record incidents but at other times record. I am hacked or is there something being used to stop the recording by my cameras

I wonder if you have a weak connection. Have you checked the RSSI signal strength under Settings and Device Health? It should be between 65 and 41 for what RIng calls “sufficient” strength. The lower the number (closer to zero) the better. A number larger than 66 is considered critical. Check that and report back.

Thank you for your attempt to resolve my problem. What I indicated that is happening, the problem occurs at almost the exact same time each day and that time frame is when I have had several incidents. When I check for motion on the Ring portal, it shows there was no action but I have been actually getting up and watching what is going on so I can report it to the police but I need video proof About thirty minutes later my cameras starts recording again, and it begins to record motion and then has no problem showing motion until the next incident time, and it then stops recording and tbegins recording latter. My cameras have also recorded three incidents of something being flashed and then my cameras does not record anything and saw a person trying to block the camera…(Not enough of a picture to give to the police). So I am attempting to try to stop or catch from the illegal activity

Hi @Goodneighbor. Since this is happening everyday at the same time, I would check with your internet service provider to see if there is daily maintenance/updates happening to your router at that time. During this time, what do these devices display under the Device Health? You can also try to reboot your router and see if that improves your experience. I hope this helps.