Blip in WiFi connectivity triggers alarm

Yesterday morning my alarm randomly went off at 3:00am and startled my family. We checked the app and identified that motion was detected in one of the rooms but after inspecting the area verified that no actual motion occured.

Understanding that every now and then false positives occur I started digging into the root cause of what triggered the alarm I identified that it coincided with a automated scan/restartof my home Wirless network.

After finding a potential root cause I tested the following scenario

  • Set Ring Alarm to Home mode (Armed Door and Motion Sensors)
  • Restart wireless network

This resulted in setting off the Ring Alarm and a random indication that motion was detected in one of the rooms monitored.

For my family the most important part of the Alarm is trust, so the question is how can I prevent the alarm from triggering when it loses WiFi connectivity? Plugging in a network cable is not an answer I find acceptable.