I’ve had the floodlights on 2 sets of floodlight cams start “blinking” for no reason. Shutting the lights off and black on just begins the blinking process again.


This has started happening to one of the two floodlights I have as well. When the light is triggered it strobes until I turn it off. It’s still under warranty so hopefully I can get it replaced. It worked fine for 6 months before this started happening.

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I have the same problem…
has someone figured out how to fix it ?

I haven’t seen an update from Ring about this but it sure is decreasing my faith in the product.
I’ve attached a photo of the dismantling of the last one I had to change. You can see that this Ring does not have the water drain at the bottom. When I unscrewed it from the wall, there was a fair amount of water sludge that had settled at the base.

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One of my 2 flood light cams light started blinking and not coming on. I called Ring and there is nothing they could do. I explained that i purchased the flood cam in December of 2018 right before the new year and they said it was out of warranty. I really wasn’t looking for warranty i was looking to purchase a new bulb which is not available. Had i known that i would have never purchased the product. I WAS originally very impressed with the Ring products which i have the dorr bell also BUT i see when it comes to Customer Service there is a huge Gap in their system. They promote a 10 year life on the lights, here i got 15 months not a great payback on a product that cost $250 and now they expect me or any other customer to purchase another product. RING IF THIS IS HOW YOU SUPPORT YOUR CUSTOMERS, YOU JUST LOST ONE! UNHAPPY ON LONG ISLAD