Blinking Blue at top of Ring circle

My Ring is a stand alone doorbell. No chime, ProPack installed, 30VA transformer (I’m a licenced Master electricain in multiple states). Unit will flash blue at the top of the circle for about 20 flashes, and dark for about 10-20 seconds, then flash again in the same sequence. 30 second hard reset tried several times (no effect / no change). Unit has been charged for over a week so it’s not battery charging. Tech support had ZERO knowledege or recommendations. I’m starting to think I should have read reviews, and gone a different direction. Glad my home security system is NOT a Ring system!! Anyone have thoughts besides using a hammer, and going out and buying something that works??

OK then that settles it. No tech support on the 4th try, and they will not stand behind their product to replace. Bad reviews to follow in any web based browser / Amazon I can find, AND all friends will be warned about subpar product. Thanks for nothing RING.