Blink>Ring Cameras not Showing

I have an iPad and iPhone that have the Blink and Ring apps on them as I have cameras from both. On the iPad and iPhone I can access my cameras on Ring from the Blink app using the neighbors icon at the top left next to the menu option.

however, on my note 10+, android, the neighbor icon is there, but it does not bring up my ring camera. On the menu there is no option for the dashboard, and when I click on the neighbors link, it shows the name of my town, but nothing pops up in the viewer. Help!

On both my iPad and iPhone I did not have to install the neighbors app, it just automatically worked once I installed Ring, after the Blink app was installed.

I have already been through all of this with Blink, they referred me to Ring of course!

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My only suggestion is to try Blink’s support forum as well.

They were the first place I went, they referred me here :frowning:

Hey @chrisxpierce. At this time, we do not have any integration with Blink on our end of things. Since this is in the Blink app, further troubleshooting will have to be on their end. Although, it sounds like maybe the Andriod’s app version hasn’t fully integrated with the Blink app utilizing the Ring app like the iOS version has. Please follow up with Blink for more about the Android version, but I will pass on this integration request to the appropriate team on our end in the meanwhile.


@Ring - so when will your Android App support adding Blink Cameras . The answer is a date. Thanks