Blew two transformers

I had a question for the community. I’m assuming I’m not the only one that has done this. At least I hope not. I hooked up my video doorbell. My transformer that was my original. Worked for about two days then quit. I purchased a new one from Ring. It blew. Finally I got a friend of mine who is a licensed electrician to come out. Because I thought I was doing something wrong. Hooked up the new transformer. Made sure we were getting the 16 volts. Which he were. As soon as we hooked the wires going to the doorbell and the wires going to my chime. It blew again. My transformer is in my basement. I have the black and white that run from my chime down into the basement where the transformer is. If anybody else has had the same issue. Please let me know what you did to wire it correctly.

Hi @sshroy943. What model Doorbell do you have? What model chime do you have?

My video doorbell is the ring video pro 2. My chime is the one that was here when we first bought the house. So, I’m not sure what model it is.

Hi @sshroy943. Thank you for that information. I strongly suggest looking into finding out the make and model of your chime, as compatibility plays a major part in the Doorbell operating correctly. This Help Center page will provide you with a list of compatible and incompatible chimes for the Wired Doorbell Pro (formally Doorbell Pro 2). Also, make sure you are installing the Pro Power Kit into your chime.