Blanking your old doorbell holes (UK)

I have just purchased a RING Doorbell and it works great. My only issue is that due to the size of the RING doorbell it does not fit on the UPC Architrave where the old doorbell was. Once the old door bell is removed there are unsightly holes (far too many to fill without it looking like a dogs dinner).
Looking online I was unable to source any sort of blanking plate so I thought I would share my solution which may be of use to others.
I purchased some D-LINE PVC WHITE MINI TRUNKING 30MM X 15MM and a D-LINE PLASTIC WHITE CONNECTOR & END CAP PACK from Screwfix, cut the trunking to the same size as the old doorbell, drilled some holes in the same place as the old bell and then capped the end’s. This resulted in a doorbell blank hiding all the unsightly holes.

Hope this helps some people out there.

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Hi @Crewy. Thank you for sharing your feedback and your DIY solution for any old holes from a previous installation. I’m sure other neighbors may find this information helpful. :slight_smile: