Blacklisted from making posts?

I’ve tried repeatedly to make a post to help my neighbors know about some traffic lights that are oot due to recent storms that have knocked out power to them. Every single post gets bounced and I get an email saying they are not about a specific event. I included the event and the specific intersection so this sounds like garbage. It seems like Ring is just bouncing every single post I try to make with this generic BS. It seems like I’ve been blacklisted. How do I take this up with them and dispute their apparent blacklisting of my account?

Hi @WuLazHome. If you would like more details on why your post was removed, you will need to reach out to This will get you in touch with our team that monitors the Neighbor’s app, and they can provide more information on why the post was not allowed. Please note that they may take 48-72 hours to respond to you via email.