Black Video recordings

I am having a strange issue with one of 5 Ring Stick Up Cameras. All of them are on the same wifi network and powered by USB.

On the App, I can see all of thre cameras live streaming, refreshing after a short time.

When you go into the problem camera, I cannot see the live stream (Will not connect to the camera). It is definately recording and showing recordings in the timeline, but all of the entries are black (No Picture). They play like any normal video file.

This has been happening on this specific camera for 3 days.

RSSI is -68 (Most of the other cameras are around that figure, but it’s not the worst of the bunch).

Device health is good. The camera firmware is apparently ‘up to date’, and my wife also has the app and the same issue with the same camera, so I have no idea what to do.

All of the cameras are a few months old.

Hey @Lee! Awesome work listing out the symptoms relevant to this concern, it definitely helps to narrow down possible causes. With it occurring on both your own and your wife’s mobile device, and happening only on the one Stick Up Cam, it will likely be resolved through network or Stick Up Cam troubleshooting.

The best next step would be to reset this Stick Up Cam, by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. Something worth checking as well, is that your wifi resources can accomadate all connected devices.

Hi Marley,

I have now performed a reset on the procedure you suggested and it appears to have worked.

Obviously, previous recordings are still black, but now I can live view the Camera and current recordings are back to normal through both mine and the wife’s apps.

Thanks for your help.

I will keep an eye on it and feed back if it re-occurs.

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Black recordings: I haven’t had a problem with the black recordings since i did the reset and firmware update on my ring video peephole. The device health check and wifi health check checkout. There has been no change to my system other than a new (better) router that handles higher speeds. My provider doubled my speed from 300 down 10 up , to 600 down 20 up. My Fingbox notes that the device has been online 100% of the time and the RSSI is -36 according to the Ring healthcheck. If i change the settings to no audio and HDR the live window pops up almost instantaneously, on the non HDR setting with audio on it wouldn’t connect after the firmware updates. Any tips? ---- one other thing the recordings will play about halfway through and then jump to the end without playing the entire recording as well. The performance has gone down hill other than the instantaneous connect in the live window with HDR turned on and audio turned off.

That should read - i din’t have problems with black recordings “until i did the firmware reset”. Sorry about the typos/confusion.