Black stand up cam battery

I was wondering why there are not Black battery powered standup cams available? Are these out of stock?

Hey @chrisdedes. The only available color for the Stick Up Cam Battery 3rd Generation at this time is the white colored one. We do plan to bring the black version of the Stick Up Cam Battery to the market in the future, but we have been unable to get an ETA of when this is other than “Coming Soon,” as shown on the product page here, under Size and Color. Once we have this available, it will reflect as so on the website for you to purchase! :slight_smile:

Hey @chrisdedes. The black version of the Stick Up Cam and Indoor Cam are now available for US, CA and ANZ. We hope to bring this to our neighbors in other parts of the world soon, and will make sure to update the Community accordingly. You can purchase the black version of the following cameras directly from our website below:

Indoor Cam
Stick Up Cam Battery
Stick Up Cam Plug-In
Stick Up Cam Solar
Stick Up Cam Elite

Thank you for showing your interest, neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions! :smiley_cat: