Birdseye View Boundary Setting - Extremely Poor Resolution

This is a general observation and request for improvement of the birdseye view setup process.

In trying to set up the Birdseye view for a hardwired Ring Video Doorbell Pro-2, it is almost impossible to set the birdseye view boundary for the camera because the satellite view image quality of the street is so poor. This may only apply to UK addresses but it may also be a general problem with the option. To illustrate, try UK post code PA2 8xx and the issue is apparent when zoomed in to set a boundary.

I have managed to create a boundary more or less by guesswork and while it works, it is not a very clear or effective image quality. Perhaps the Ring development team can look at my example and suggest a solution or create an upgrade to the boundary-setting part of the process. The properties on the street are clearly identifiable on Google Maps. On Google Maps, zoomed right in, the resolution on that platform is more than adequate for creating a Birdseye view boundary set, so what is the problem with the satellite imagery on the Ring Dorbell Pro-2 app?

Hi @BasaiDai. Thank you for this observation. I’ll be sure to forward this information to the appropriate team. For future reference, it would be best to post in the UK Doorbells board, as this board was created specific for residents of the UK.